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Your Life, Your Greatest Work Of Art

Many people assume that if they don't have the skills to write a poem or craft a piece fiction, to paint a picture or shape a sculpture, they aren't creative or imaginative.

I'll tell you a secret. You're wrong. Your day-to-day work may be routine. You may have 2.4 children, been married twice, and live in a suburban tract house, picking up nary a book during the day. You may find your greatest joy in watching a football game on Sunday afternoon in January or mowing the lawn on a Tuesday evening. Mundane as these things may be, you are being every bit as creative as Shakespeare or Rembrandt ever was. In fact, the importance of a Shakespeare or Rembrandt is in how they are able to hold up a mirror so we can see the creativity and imagination that results in our daily lives.

Make no mistake. I'll put it in bold print.

Your life is the greatest act of imagination and creative expression that you can know

There is magic in each moment of the day, each hour of the night. When you dream, and whether you remember them or not many of your sleeping hours are spent in dream, you create an entire world. You create a drama, a comedy, a tragedy. You embue with symbolism the events and objects of your day-to-day life.

Your waking world is no different. Each act of love, each act of hate, each act of mundane living is an act of creation. Every sound you hear, every thing you see, is a perception filtered, modified, and interpreted through the network of your brain and your beliefs.Every emotion you feel is created by the interplay of the beliefs you hold and your assumptions about the world. Just as truly as Shakespeare or Rembrandt in their writing and painting, you create a work of art through the living of your life.

Just there are good artists and bad, trained and untrained, some of us go through life unaware of the forces we bring to bear. None of us are completely conscious of how we create ourselves and our world. This is where a deliberate attempt at personal development occurs. You try to become aware of the beliefs and assumptions that shape your thoughts and emotions and thus your world, then change them in ways that are more conducive to what you want to be, how you want to live, and what you want the circumstances of your life to be like. A person with a natural flare for art will make a conscious effort to learn the techniques that lead to a good painting. A person with an innate facility with words will study the ways in which they can joined most effectively. We all have a flare for living. Personal growth efforts are our attempt to learn the techniques of good living, to find a way to make life a coherent whole.

This isn't to say that you will have a life that is what you consciously believe you want in all particulars. You are, after all, not alone in the world. You have family, friends, neighbors. You live in a world with over six billion other souls. This is to say, though, that you have consented to participate in the lives of those around you, just as they have consented to participate in your life. As well as the individual paintings of our lives, we create plays with many participants. As you change your worldview, the play shifts, portraying some themes in greater relief, while others sink into the background.

You are, however, who you have built in all particulars. Whether you are emotional or cold, loving or spiteful, content or dissatisfied, is purely the result of your beliefs, your assumptions, and your choices.


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  • I My Name Is Jeanne,
    I am 24 years old and I live in Quebec City. I am studying the domain of art. I rode your article " Your Life, Your Greatest Work Of Art" and I like your point of vu. I have a big projet for democralised philosophy of art. Tank's for your great reflexions and continu to create your life!

  • Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you for your kind words. Many people try to limit creativity to those who more obviously express it in terms of what we normally call art. We are all artists in our own way, with our lives being our greatest creative expression. Good luck with your project, and may you, too, continue to create your life. :-)

  • Rick,
    What a perfect choice to bring to the Oct 24th list. It's important and filled with great thinking. It's also beautifully written. I'll be reading it again.

  • Thank you, Liz. That means a lot.

  • Your post takes my breath away, Rick. Your love and compassion for others shines through.

    Thanks for the reminder that we all have a "flair for living" and that "Personal growth efforts are our attempt to learn the techniques of good living . . ." YOU benefit the world.

  • Many thanks, Deb. You've left me speechless, and with red cheeks.

    One of the many great things about Liz's site is the variety of special, and talented people to whom she introduces us. Your one of them. Expect to see me at your site.

  • =) thanks!

    I'm doing a philosphy project on life as art....and you've helped! Thanks.

  • Good luck with your project, Juliehuang. Glad to be of help! :-)

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