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What's Your Ringtone?

I'm the first to admit it. Meet me in the flesh, chances are you'll think I'm boring. Even my celphone stays on vibrate 95% of the time because I dislike hearing it.

But, most people like their celphones to have sounds. They like their celphones to have sounds so much that they give individuals in their phone's contact list their own ringtone. That way they know someone is calling, they know who is calling, and they reinforce the image of the person that they have in their mind.

My wife, who will, if you ask her, agree that I am boring, a downright stick in the mud. She will also tell you that that isn't all there is to me. So, this is the ringtone she's got programmed to play when I call.

My question for you is, what ringtone would your loved one or friends chose to identify you when you call them?

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6 Responses to What's Your Ringtone?

  • Hi Rick,
    I gave up my cell phone three years ago and I haven't looked back. But I think you're right, 'Vibrate' is better than any ringtone, at least you feel something.

    Nice site.

  • Hello Alexys,

    I fought against get a celphone for several years. Finally I did so I could keep in touch with my kids as they moved around and because it actually saved more money than it cost to have them. I still prefer vibrate on mine, though.

    Thank you for stopping in. I appreciate the kind comment on the site. Come back again.

  • LOL, that's a mighty interesting ring tone your wife concocted for yah. I personally want to hear when someone is calling. I'm almost always engrossed in what I'm doing when I'm at work that I shut out the whole world sometimes, so an annoying ringtone could shake me out of my reverie! hahaha.

    It was my pleasure joining both, especially the Share a Square. =) thank you for visiting.

  • Hello Sophiagurl,

    Shelly did have a fantastic idea with Share a Square. :)

    My wife and I are both Monty Python fans, so it in combination with this site made it seem appropriate.

    Unexpected sounds can usually pull me out of what I'm doing, and even when the phone's on vibrate it makes a noise I can hear, so I'm good with it.

    Have a great day!

  • I'm still rolling on the floor laughing. That ringtone must cause some hilarious looks.
    As for cellphones...I have one because of my work (I'm traveling a lot, and a woman alone on the road should have that security). But, I also use it for all long distance calls.

    However, I have the thing set to vibrate, too. And usually it's in the bottom of my purse, so I never answer on time.

    I can't think what ringtone someone might have for me. I imagine different people would have different ones. I would hope it was upbeat...whatever it was. This was a great idea for a post, Rick!

  • Hello Shelly,

    I've asked my wife why it takes so long to answer the phone when I call. She says she just likes listening to the music. I can imagine she does get some interesting looks. :)

    Maybe more males have their phones on vibrate for just that reason - most of us don't have bags so we keep our phones in our pocket. All the stuff in a purse does muffle the vibration a lot.

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