Shards of Consciousness

What Do I Want?

I want.

Two simple words that will never go away. Everything I do, everything I say, has it's roots in two simple words - I want.

I want tells me where to go.

I want tells me what to do.

I want tells me what to say.

I want tells me what to think.

What do you want? Are you sure. I want can be a tangled skein, with ways and means confused with goals. Until you know the goal, wanting the ways and means will lead you on a chase with no end. So think. Write down the things you want. Make lists. Make a vision board.

Then put it all out of your mind, except when you go to bed. As you lie with your eyes closed, breath slowing into the rhythm of sleep, ask yourself one question.

What do I want?

Dreams will come that remain with you in the morning.

Or as you awaken a thought may be in your mind.

Or as you go through your day an impulse will strike.

Pay attention. These are the keys to tell you what you really want. And when you figure it out, when you find out what you really want, everything you do, everything you say, will be guided by a clear vision of those two words that never go away.

I want.

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