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Vote the Right Way

Today is primary election day in Pennsylvania. I was talking to one gentleman who said he voted, but he didn't know if he voted for the right person.

It struck me what an odd concept the right person is. So many people think the right person is the person most likely to win. Others think the right person is the person their neighbors, friends, or family are voting for. Some think the right person is the one who thinks or looks the most like them. Some think the right person is the most powerful speaker. Right has as many meanings as their are people who use it.

Please. When you vote, no matter what the election, don't base your choice on who you think will win. Base your choice on who you want to win. That's the only way that the wisdom of crowds will have a chance to operate in an election. If you're not going to vote your real choice, don't vote.

2 Responses to Vote the Right Way

  • Still gleaning from afar.....

    I cannot agree more with this sentiment.

    Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy, as always


  • Hi Danielle,

    You know me. I think the politicians elected are a side-effect of who we are as a people, a result, not leaders. Only if we vote our actual desires will we get a clear view of who we are.

    Peace and balance be with you, too.

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