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Tornado Victims Twister Fund

When I was little we didn't have a basement in our house. Whenever a tornado warning came through - a frequent occurrence in northern Illinois in the summertime - my parents would get us to our aunt and uncle's house. They did have a basement. I didn't understand why. I just thought it was a fun time to play with my cousins.

When I was older I did understand why. My parents were from Alabama. When my father was young, he was caught in a tornado. He was lucky. The twister just picked up his house and moved it. No one was killed.

Many people weren't so fortunate this week. Winter tornadoes devastated large areas of the southern U.S. 55 are reported killed. Hundreds are injured.

We cannot repair the damage caused by the loss of loved ones.

We can help repair the damage to property.

To this end, Agent Genius is putting together a fund raising effort to help those who were hit by these twisters. We can all help. We can donate financially. We can write about it. We can spread the word. We can keep in our thoughts the best possible outcome for those we know and those we don't.

The button you see in the sidebar here will allow you to make a donation to the fund. You can visit BloodhoundBlog to get code to put a button on your own site. The more eyes that see it, the more effective the effort will be.

We can make a difference.

Together, we do make a difference.

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