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The Urgent and the Important
What to Do? What to Do?

This week's podcast is going to be a day or two late. I could say it will be late due to circumstances beyond my control , but that wouldn't be true. Closer to my perception of reality is that I overextended my self.

As most of you know, one of my sons was wed last week. The ceremony and reception were fantastic, but the lead-up to the wedding involved a lot, including dealing with dealing with the psychological impact causes by the rearrangements in roles that any marriage involves.

As I've said before, we also had equipment problems at the theatre. After close to a month of trying to resolve them, we finally got things cleared up last night after many, many hours of work that also involved taking advantage of the downtime to perform other infrastructure updates that we've wanted to complete for some time. Lady Glynis and I celebrated by having a private viewing of a film. This led to returning home very late. The late hour manifested itself as extreme fatigue. Rather than fighting to stay awake to record, I went to bed. A warm blanket and soft pillow can feel so good. :)

The past few weeks do show the results of what can happen when you play time close to the edge. Decisions have to be made, priorities established, urgency and importance balanced. Important things may get shoved to a back burner while urgent things are tended to.

If we have no planning, our days become a series of urgent tasks, running from fire to fire with no focus on what is important and what isn't. Life happens. Our plans don't always go as we like, but at least they give us a basis upon which to judge how to deal with the unplanned events that do occur.

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What to Do? What to Do?

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