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The Symphony of Our Lives

I was listening to a report on National Public Radio on my way to work today. The report was about marching bands in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. Music, as most people know, has always been an important part of the culture of New Orleans. Most of us think of the jazz bands, but marching bands and brass bands are also important, with many of New Orleans' musicians getting their start in high school marching bands. As Gregory Davis says in the report, one joke goes

If you're not band material, you can try out for the football team.

Music is important in all our lives. In a way, our lives are music. We exist in a framework of rhythms and patterns, individuals dancing together, with and around each other, creating the symphony. The symphony is sometimes discordant, sometimes soothing, other times infuriating, and then inspiring. But always, as Ashley Kahn ends the report,

Life, despite hardships or hurricanes, becomes a celebration.

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