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The Shards of Consciousness Podcast - Episode 1

I'm very excited to be able to announce a new feature here at Shards of Consciousness - a weekly podcast!

We don't all sit at our computers all day. Some of us would rather hear things, than read them. In our weekly podcast I will present the most important, and the most popular posts here in an audio format.

Episode 1 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast is Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art. Listen, download it, share it. And please, tell me what you think.

Download or listen to Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art now.

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7 Responses to The Shards of Consciousness Podcast - Episode 1

  • Hi Rick,

    Great Podcast!

    I always though you would have a slightly higher pitch voice than the one I hear (not sure how I came up with this notion), but nonetheless it's good for us readers to see all angles (text, pic, voice) of you...finally. Oh, yet to show up in person! ;)

  • Thank you, Renee. Getting a fuller picture is one of the reasons I started these, and joined MyBlogLog.

    It may be that you visualized a higher pitch voice because I've spent most of my adult life in helping professions, focus on nurturing and not competition, and versify. :-) Actually, I've had to make a conscious effort over the years not to drone. Now I just have to get a good picture! That'll probably the closest you'll see to in person. I tend to be a homebody.

  • Hey Rick just added you to my contact list on MyBlogLog!

    Looking forward to hear more of your podcasts! Keep up the good work! :)

  • This whole social networking thing confuses me and I'm not sure what it means or what to do with it. The empty box where images are supposed to go weirds me out and I feel guilty because it is empty (except for Eric. Does he count?)

  • You are not alone, Rick! I still can't see the difference or benefit between joining individual community and having them listed under my contact.

    Are you are referring to the message board on the far right or this one here? I see my image there! Just go ahead and add whoever you fancy onto your contact list or join their community.

    Eric is the founder, no worries of him being there! Everyone has his face on our contacts including Liz

    I don't use the message board much, I rather hop on their blog to comment.

  • Wow! Nice first podcast! I like the neat, little, inline audio player you have. Keep making these! It's nice to sometimes be able to do other things while listening and stuff!

  • Hey Michael! Thank you. I plan on doing these once a week, probably some time around Thursday.

    The player is pretty cool. It's courtesy of podpress

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