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Podcast 58 - The Walls Around Us

When we look around, metaphors abound. One of my favorite metaphors I found in a giraffe at the zoo and his fear of the wide world around him. This podcast tells his story. Read more

Sunday Reading 11 May 2008

I woke this morning to overcast skies, the kind of gray that, while not depressing, encourages pensivity. Read more

Sunday Reading 27 April 2008

Lessons From a Goldfish Read more

Sunday Reading 23 March 2008

By the Christian calendar it is Easter Sunday, the day celebrating Jesus' resurrection. The spring equinox was three days ago, the day on which the sun moves to the north of the celestial equator, and the day that marks the resurrection of life from the death of winter in the northern hemisphere. This year the two fall about as close together as they ever do. Happy Easter! Read more

Sunday Reading 24 February 2008

I sit with my coffee. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky on a chill, white landscape. The night sky had its touch of beauty earlier this week as the moon underwent a total eclipse. That was a lovely sight.

Most of the planets of the solar system orbit the sun in the same general plane as the earth. This plane is called the ecliptic. The moon, too, orbits the earth in the plane of the ecliptic.
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