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Learn to Sleep Consciously

We spend up to a third of our lives asleep. By the time we reach the age of sixty, we've slept 20 years. What would you give to have 20 years of your life back? What would you do to add another 20 years to your sixty? Read more


The dictionary meaning of cherish is to hold dear, or to treat with affection and tenderness. Read more

Why We Sleep (Part III)

As you saw in Parts I and II of this series, we sleep for many reasons. The question now is, how can you make your sleep more effective? How can you get the most out of the time you spend asleep? Here are ten techniques to help you on your way. Read more

Why We Sleep (Part II)

Last week I talked about some of the physical reasons that have been found for why we sleep, and the lack of consensus on the reasons for the need for sleep. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead and take a look at it now Read more

Why We Sleep (Part I)

Sleep. We all do it. Some people sleep more than half their life away. Some people sleep just a few hours. Some people sleep in large blocks of time. Some people sleep only a couple of hours at a time. When we are deprived of sleep, our bodies will force us to eventually make up for it. Typically, in sleep we assume a passive physical state and lose awareness of the exterior world. We may remain conscious, such as of dreams or an out of body state, or we may know we were asleep only by waking up and realizing time has passed without any memory of the exterior or the interior worlds. Some people wake up fully cognizant of the physical world around them. Others can take hours to become fully attuned to the physical world. Read more

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