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Tanka #7

child of life, child of
light. tomorrow come today.
fairy fey, yet bold
as flesh, spirit come to play
wrapped in laughter hid away.

Drowning the Light

Always the sorrow

never the joy

God's on his mountain

there's a cold little boy Read more

Haiku #10

Fogged breath, frosted glass
Winter wind a knife of cold
Snowdrops augur spring

The Panther

The panther crouches.
Grass rustles in the breeze.
He strikes! The sun blinks.
Late! Too slow! His prey is gone.
Hunger grows. His stomach sounds. Read more

Another Year

Another year has
passed on. Weeks of love and loss.
Another year is
facing us. Open the door.
A new dance, a new song, waits. Read more

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