Shards of Consciousness

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Tanka #9

memories building
a web structured by belief
light prismed, colored
grains of thought, fluid, structured
flesh of dreams made manifest

Haiku #11

slyly pretentious
the contentious slap and stab
smiles hide knives in words

Tanka # 8

you sit, judging tone
and tenor, rhythm and pace.
you frown, as a word
tumbles into it's neighbor.
i turn, a smile on my lips.


sound. fury. mine! mine!
children cry. the raucous din
a masked mockery
of truth. the public good? hah!
greed's the tart vying for votes.

Silver Dreams

the silver moon glides
it's silent path through the night
the sun hides as dreams
shape the day to come. futures
are lived and discarded. time Read more

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