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Podcast 55 - Meditation Breathing Exercises

Not all exercises require us to hit the gym. Sometimes the most effective techniques are also the most simple. Yoga long ago developed techniques that ask you to just sit quietly and breathe in a predetermined manner to experience changes in your health, improve your emotional well-being, and heighten your mental faculties. Read more

Podcast 54 - How to Find Hidden Beliefs

Odd as it sound may sound, finding out what we believe isn't always an easy task. It isn't that the beliefs that shape our world are buried deep in our unconscious. They're not. But they do tend to hide in dusky, ill lit corners. They work their magic from the shadows while more obvious beliefs obscure their presence. In this podcast I talk about a way we can use our awareness of the obvious beliefs to sweep some of these shadow beliefs out of the corners and into the light where we can examine them and work with them. Read more

Podcast 53 - Beliefwork

Personal growth results from changing our beliefs. Before we can change your beliefs, we have to know what they are. In this podcast I discuss one meditative technique we can use to become aware of the beliefs that are guiding our behavior and emotions. Read more

Podcast Delayed Due to Wedding

As you may have noticed, I didn't get a podcast up today. Why? My daughter, my only daughter, is getting married this weekend. If you have ever been involved in a wedding, you know it can be, how do I say it, hectic. If that wedding is your only daughter's, and her mother has decided it will be done right, and to guarantee that it is, she is doing the catering and flowers in addition to all the other things the parents of the bride do, things can get beyond hectic. Read more

Podcast 52 - Life Is Messy

Television shows can be the source of a lot of metaphors in our lives. And no wonder, there is an interplay between the fiction of the broadcast and the experience of living in which each shapes the other. In this episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast I touch on cooking shows, and how they can accurately, and inaccurately, act as a metaphor for living. Read more

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