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Podcast 44 - Pointy Sticks

Read moreNon-fiction tries to explain the ideas of the author clearly and without ambiguity. As I emphasize in many of the articles here on Shards, even non-fiction is a kind of metaphor, a model of reality that is adopted because it is effective in explaining the world around us and predicting the future that we are likely to encounter.

Podcast 43 - So You Want to be Rich - Or Do You?

You look next door and your neighbor is driving a new Lexus, has a 4 car garage, and the last time his family went on vacation, it was for a tour of the Seven Wonders of the World.

You look around and you have five people living in a two bedroom house. Your Chevy is 9 years old. Your last vacation was a week camping at the local state park.

Read moreWho has the better life? Who is happier?

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