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Independence Day 2008

The Declaration of Independence is one of the enduring monuments to individual freedom and democracy in human history. It's philosophy was not new, having been first discussed by John Locke and other European philosophers, but the words of Thomas Jefferson brought it to life in a way that has changed the world.
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Flowing With the Changewind

In The Fires of Paratime L.E. Modesitt, Jr. uses a metaphor that has been a power in my life since I first read the book. This is the image of the changewind. When the changewind blows, everything changes. You may not know what changes will be wrought as a result of the changewind, but you do know wrought they will be. Read more

3 Things I Learned From Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are a spiny creature related to porcupines. They tend to live in hedgerows, but have lately, in Great Britain at least, had their numbers decimated as a result of their most common natural enemy, the automobile. Read more

Podcast 50 - Personal Development as Gardening

There are three main models of personal growth and development Read more

Luddite and Proud of It

The name Luddite was originally applied to a group of British workers who rioted and destroyed textile machinery in the early nineteenth century. They are said to be named after Ned Ludd, a British laborer who was supposed to have destroyed weaving machinery in the late 18th century. Read more

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