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Podcast 59 - What Is Personal Development?

Personal development means different things to different people. We may relate it to becoming more productive, attaining success in whatever field interests us, spiritual growth, or education. Personal development can relate to all these things, and more, but most of the definitions embody adding to, or taking away from, what we already are or have. I suppose this is inevitable. Much of the western world view is mechanistic. Personal development becomes an exercise in engineering wherein traits are added or subtracted from the personality according to plan. Read more

"I Wasn't Trying to be an Example."

One of my favorite Friday morning radio shows is StoryCorps, on our local National Public Radio station. Read more

Living Life's Labor

I had Spirit in Gear, but I was looking for Evolving Times. An adventure was in order. Read more

The Share-a-Square Mission Accomplished

Change the World Read more

Podcast 54 - How to Find Hidden Beliefs

Odd as it sound may sound, finding out what we believe isn't always an easy task. It isn't that the beliefs that shape our world are buried deep in our unconscious. They're not. But they do tend to hide in dusky, ill lit corners. They work their magic from the shadows while more obvious beliefs obscure their presence. In this podcast I talk about a way we can use our awareness of the obvious beliefs to sweep some of these shadow beliefs out of the corners and into the light where we can examine them and work with them. Read more

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