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Podcast 19 - Be Still and Know

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast. Today's episode is based on Be Still and Know, an article originally published in July of 2006. Read more

Walking Meditation

At Open Mic Night at Successful-Blog this week we were talking about the causes, symptoms, and ways to relieve stress. In the introductory post to the evening, Ari Garber said that
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Meditation Breathing Exercises

Introduction Read more

Meditation Postures

Meditation is an exercise for the mind and spirit, but the way you hold your body during meditation is an important foundation. In my articles on OOBE I talked about sending the body to sleep, while keeping the mind awake. When we meditate we are looking for a similar state. We want to stay awake, while being able to forget about the body. Lying down, especially when you are new to meditation, isn't a good idea because it's too easy to fall asleep. For the same reason kicking your feet up in a comfortable recliner is usually a bad idea. A sitting posture in which your spine is vertical usually works the best. Read more

Experiences During Meditation

There are many sources that tell you the positive psychological and physical effects from meditation. Google the word "meditation" and you will find many of them. Articles I have written talk about some of these as well as others. Just look in the Meditation category and you will find them. These sources often don't tell some of the specific things you may experience as a result of meditation, so when they happen you don't know if you are imagining things or doing something wrong. To save you some trouble, and to let you know when you are experiencing results from your meditation, here is a list of some things I have experienced.
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