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How to Clean the Doors of Perception

Imagine you're in a submarine. How do you communicate with the world around you? Read more

Podcast 60 - The Victorious Breath

In Podcast 55 - Meditation Breathing Exercises, I discussed two breathing exercises from yoga that are useful in improving your emotional and physical state and preparing for meditation, alternate nostril breathing and the skull shine breath. There is a third breathing exercise that falls into this category, the victorious breath. Read more

Podcast 53 - Beliefwork

Personal growth results from changing our beliefs. Before we can change your beliefs, we have to know what they are. In this podcast I discuss one meditative technique we can use to become aware of the beliefs that are guiding our behavior and emotions. Read more

In Search of Freedom

I've been called an anarchist, and in the sense that I dislike the forms of coercive controls and authority between adults, I am. I don't really care if you're a worldly success. I don't really care if you're healthy. Though I word things in the sense of pursuing happiness, I don't really care if you're happy. Read more

What Are the Four Yogas?

In a recent comment on Shards leisha asked what differentiates raja yoga from other forms of yoga. My answer is really too long to fit in a comment, so I'm creating this post.
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Exploring Pathways to Freedom