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Follow-up to EFT and the Placebo Effect

Yesterday's post on the placebo effect and EFT was triggered as the result of a link to a video on EFT sent to me by Michael Weir.

Michael is an effective hypnotherapist who practices in Coraopolis, PA at the Heritage Hypnotherapy Center. One of the tools he uses is EFT in combination with hypnotherapy. On his site you can find a simple description of EFT, along with issues for which he has found it useful.

He posted an article on the placebo effect as he models it in his practice in The peace of movement. Check it out. It's worth reading.

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EFT And The Placebo Effect

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How Illness Reinforces What We Thought We Knew

I didn't get anything written yesterday because I was busy being ill. You don't really want to know the details. Once I was feeling well enough to care about other things, I thought about how much of our lives are spent learning and relearning things we supposedly already know.

1. Stress increases our chances of becoming ill. The past two weeks have been eventful, in both good and bad ways. The events covered everything from hospitalizations, news about family marriage plans and job changes, to the car breaking down due to my own clumsiness. It does all add up.

2. We really should have a few posts done and saved for emergencies. Not drafts. Not ideas. Completed posts. That way when our friends come by, we have something to share with them.

3. Don't overload ourselves to the breaking point. We don't leave ourselves any leeway when things don't go … Read more

Treat the Person, Not the Disease

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How to Decrease the Cost of Health Care

Since 1850 average life expectancy has increased in the US. The primary reason for this has not been our much vaunted, and equally maligned, medical system. The primary reason for increasing life expectancy has been effective treatments for most infectious diseases, improved sanitation, and healthier diets - though over the past 30 years we've been doing our best to destroy the dietary aspect. Drugs, surgery, and all the other artifacts of modern medicine have had little to do with it. Read more

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