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Lore Sjöberg - A Writing Icon

It's things like this commentary by Lore Sjöberg called Don't Turn Your Back on Your Brain, about his visit the The Mind exhibition at the Exploratorium in San Francisco that make me realize why he's writing for Wired and I'm writing for, well, Shards.

I mean, how can you really beat
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Giving Thanks

May we learn to hold the gratitude of Thanksgiving within our hearts each day of the year wherever we are in the world. Read more

Making It Up As We Go Along

One of the modern Thanksgiving traditions in my house is listening to Arlo Guthrie's song, Alice's Restaurant. Arlo first performed Alice's Restaurant about 40 years ago. Read more

Charity and Love

The word charity has several meanings, but I want to focus on two here
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Mr. Wizard Has Passed Away

Another part of my childhood has passed from this world. Don Herbert, known and loved as Mr. Wizard, passed away yesterday (June 12, 2007) as a result of bone cancer. To those of us in love with the world of tomorrow, his show was as much a part of our lives as Tom Swift, Johnny Quest, and the science fiction of Robert Heinlein. With items you could find around your house, he helped open the world of science by showing us how to learn to ask questions of our world. Fare thee well, Mr. Wizard.

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