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Veteran's Day 2007

Gandhi said
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The Dalai Lama to Receive the Congressional Gold Medal

The Chinese. You gotta love 'em. They're such cards.

Tomorrow the Dalai Lama is due to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. Chinese officials are all abuzz. As the Communist Party Secretary of Tibet, Zhang Qingli says
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Communication in Action

Communication takes many forms. Sometimes it is words between us. Sometimes it is the touch of a hand on your arm. Other times it is the expression in your eye.

Another form of communication is action. You may have noticed the green ribbon in the sidebar here. Aaron Anglin, brother of fellow writer and blogger Lani Anglin, died in a car wreck at the age of 24. He left behind a wife and two young children. You can help this young widow and her children by sending your prayers, sending your thoughts, and if you are able, click on the donate button to send financial assistance.

Share A Square Update

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May You Be Hale

I periodically become interested in the origins of words. Recently I was getting more information on the relationship between the words whole, healthy, and holy, which all derive from the Old English word hal. Curious as to the resemblance, I also looked up the work hello. There are two different theories as to the origin of this word. In the first, it derives from a contraction for the Old English phrase wes thu hal, meaning May You Be Hale. In the second, it derives from the Old English word Holla, meaning Stop. Read more

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