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Podcast 56 - The Secret of Happiness

She loves me! I enjoy movies. Let's have fun! I love my new car. Read more

Independence Day 2008

The Declaration of Independence is one of the enduring monuments to individual freedom and democracy in human history. It's philosophy was not new, having been first discussed by John Locke and other European philosophers, but the words of Thomas Jefferson brought it to life in a way that has changed the world.
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Five Keys to Happiness

One of the more popular posts on Shards is How To Get Rid of Excessive Negative Emotions Read more

Vote the Right Way

Today is primary election day in Pennsylvania. I was talking to one gentleman who said he voted, but he didn't know if he voted for the right person. Read more

In Search of Freedom

I've been called an anarchist, and in the sense that I dislike the forms of coercive controls and authority between adults, I am. I don't really care if you're a worldly success. I don't really care if you're healthy. Though I word things in the sense of pursuing happiness, I don't really care if you're happy. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom