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Five Ways to Know You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

Americans often think there is something wrong with sleeping. We think we'll miss something exciting if we go to sleep. It doesn't matter what happened in the few billion years before we were born, or the billions that will happen after we die. The really important stuff is happening now! In our quest to be up on what is happening we force ourselves to stay awake. Occasionally we take it too far. Here are five of the top ways you know you're not getting enough sleep.
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Learn to Sleep Consciously - Part III

Welcome back to our series on learning to sleep consciously. Part I of the series focused on the possibility of sleeping consciously, and some of the benefits of doing so. I discussed some of the activities and thoughts to use during the day to encourage and ease the onset of conscious sleep. In Part II of the series I talked about the different phases of sleep and activities to carry out as you prepare to sleep. This week I will begin from where I left off.
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Learn to Sleep Consciously - Part II

In the first article of this series I introduced the idea of conscious sleeping. It isn't a concept that is common in the West, but has a long history in cultures that have devoted more effort to exploring the inner world, such as India and Tibet. I detailed some of the benefits of learning to sleep consciously, and began sharing the techniques that will aid us in doing so. Read more

Learn to Sleep Consciously

We spend up to a third of our lives asleep. By the time we reach the age of sixty, we've slept 20 years. What would you give to have 20 years of your life back? What would you do to add another 20 years to your sixty? Read more


The dictionary meaning of cherish is to hold dear, or to treat with affection and tenderness. Read more

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