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In Search of Freedom

I've been called an anarchist, and in the sense that I dislike the forms of coercive controls and authority between adults, I am. I don't really care if you're a worldly success. I don't really care if you're healthy. Though I word things in the sense of pursuing happiness, I don't really care if you're happy. Read more

Dreaming in Shadows

Another restless night. Dreams of murder, and fear, running and hiding. Where do they come from? As I slept my anxieties dressed up and put on a play, drama queens running wild, cavorting through my mind. Emotions danced unhindered by rationality. I would wake up, wondering Why did I dream that? But a moment's meditation would show glimpses of the root of the romance. Read more

Podcast 33 - The Pursuit of Happyness

My wife and I own a small neighborhood movie theatre. As a result, we get to watch a lot of movies. Better yet, we get to choose which movies we'll show. Earlier this year we showed several movies that I found very inspirational. One of these was The Pursuit of Happyness, based on the life of Chris Gardner. Some people think the movie is about becoming wealthy. It isn't. The movie is about pursuing your dreams. Read more

Virtual Reality and OOBE

I don't usually talk about the news, but the St. Louis Dispatch has an interesting article on using virtual reality equipment to induce the sense of an out of body experience. Read more

Learn to Sleep Consciously - Part IV

In the first articles in this series we have explored the benefits of sleeping consciously and daytime practices to encourage conscious sleep, the phases of sleep, and practices when you go to bed to encourage conscious sleep. We had just gotten to sleep. In this last article I'll talk about carrying yourself through the night, some experiences as a result of learning to sleep consciously, and the impact of learning to sleep consciously on your personal growth.
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Exploring Pathways to Freedom