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Podcast 2 - Your Mission in Life

Thank you for the warm reception you provided for last week's podcast on Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art. Read more

The Shards of Consciousness Podcast - Episode 1

I'm very excited to be able to announce a new feature here at Shards of Consciousness - a weekly podcast! Read more

Falling, With Style

Have you ever seen the movie Toy Story? Two of the main characters are Woody, a 1950s style cowboy action figure, and Buzz Lightyear, a spanking new spaceman action figure who comes into the playroom as a birthday gift to Andy, the little boy to whom the toys belong. Buzz has wings, and Buzz believes he can fly " to infinity, and beyond!". Woody is the naysayer. "You're a toy! Toys can't fly." So what does Buzz do. He dives into the emptiness, and through a series of 'coincidences', flies to another part of the room. Woody, staid, steady Woody, says That's not flying. That's falling...with style. Read more

Love is the Power

Starbucker, over at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full, has been trying to tease out the things that are most important in reaching a place of success and happiness. He's got a list of 30 candidates that he wants to pare down to 10 with our input. Pop over, read the post, and tell him what you think. I'll wait........... Read more

Your Life, Your Greatest Work Of Art

Many people assume that if they don't have the skills to write a poem or craft a piece fiction, to paint a picture or shape a sculpture, they aren't creative or imaginative. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom