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A Blank Page

A blank page. An expanse of white waiting to be filled by thoughts, musings, experiences. A voice reaching out. An ear listening. Read more

Whitewater Rafting Through a Cataract of Life

My son is getting married this week. He lives in Florida, but he and his fiancee decided to come back here for the wedding. I'm grateful. Read more

Dreaming in Shadows

Another restless night. Dreams of murder, and fear, running and hiding. Where do they come from? As I slept my anxieties dressed up and put on a play, drama queens running wild, cavorting through my mind. Emotions danced unhindered by rationality. I would wake up, wondering Why did I dream that? But a moment's meditation would show glimpses of the root of the romance. Read more

Is Your Sign Upside Down?

I was listening to Story Corps this morning. Lucky Osborne was talking about growing up with his grandparents, Mama Willie and Daddy Charlie.

Willie and Charlie owned a small cafe. Lucky tells the story about the day a sign painter came into the cafe and told Charlie that he would paint them a sign in exchange for a meal. Charlie writes down what he wants painted, Ferrell's Cafe Read more, and give the paper to the painter.

Five Must Read Books

It's a new year. People have been talking and thinking about their resolutions, their goals, what they want to do and accomplish in the coming twelve months. All I really want to do is read. There are five books in particular I want to read. I've seen them all before, but like any good book, each time I read them I get a little bit more.

A tree. It stands, limbs stretched wide, shifting in the changing winds, but staid through the winds of time.

A baby's smile. Laughter, joy held in the arms of life.

A mountain. Raised from the deep and, year by year, bit by bit, becoming the earth on which we move.

The sea. Rhythm. The ebb and flow of change that hides a source that is forever.

Lightning. Sudden change searing from the sky to the earth. The flash that illumines that which was hid, … Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom