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Living Life's Labor

I had Spirit in Gear, but I was looking for Evolving Times. An adventure was in order. Read more

Spirit in Gear

Do you remember adventure books? In these books you're give the basic framework of a story, then at key points you make a choice, turn to the page following from that choice, then continue the story. In this way, each person who read the book read a completely different story. Read more

Blast From the Past

Liz Strauss says "You're it!" This successful and original writer and teacher would like to see five of the articles I have written in the past, asking if I've changed what I say since I've been blogging. I can answer that, Liz. Basically, no. I do hope that I say it better. :) Read more

List of Personal Development Bloggers

If you go to technorati you will see that there are 2,160 blogs that have tagged themselves as personal development blogs. There are 191,729 posts that have been tagged as pertaining to personal development. That is a lot of blogs, and a lot of writing. Assuming a post averages 500 words, that is over 95,000,000 words written on the subject - most of which each one of us individually will never know about. Read more

High Vibe Game Post Listing

Remember back in June when I posted High Vibes - How I Get My Vibe Up? This post was part of a writing project started by Cardin at the OptimistLab is see what types of things we do to energise ourselves and recharge our psychic and emotional batteries. Read more

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