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A Blogging Transition

As I've mentioned in the past, I've been working with a new blogging engine called Habari. I've had several sites on the platform - Cockrum Publishing, SagRising, the Ambridge Family Theatre, and my son's site, Ripples of Thought. Habari is still fairly new, though, and it was missing one thing that Shards needs - podcasting support. Read more

Living Life's Labor

I had Spirit in Gear, but I was looking for Evolving Times. An adventure was in order. Read more

Blog for Your Health

People blog for a lot of different reasons.
Read more

Google Ads are Back

You may have noticed that Adsense ads have begun reappearing on Shards. Last February I removed Adsense ads in reaction to Google's actions regarding paid link ads. I still believe Google's actions are less principled than they claim them to be, and that even if I am wrong, their approach was more suited to a totalitarian government than a company who would 'do no evil', but I've decided it's time to stop biting my nose to spite my face. Read more

SOBCon08 Open Comments Night

As if attending Business School for Bloggers wasn't enough of an incentive to attend SOBCon08, now you can attend the SOBCon Open Comments Night in luxury. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom