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Sunday Reading 11 May 2008

I woke this morning to overcast skies, the kind of gray that, while not depressing, encourages pensivity. Read more

Five Keys to Happiness

One of the more popular posts on Shards is How To Get Rid of Excessive Negative Emotions Read more

Ecological Man

One point that seems to be missed in the dialog about the environment is the lack of ecological thinking involved. Some of the words are there, but the underlying basis seems to be missing. A large part, if not all of our environmental difficulties stem from never having really learned to deal with the urbanization of the past few millenia and the gradual spread of decent hygiene and nutrition. The combination of these has led to localized pollution so bad that the ecology of the planet cannot properly deal with it, and the massive growth in human population that is the real root of any overall ecological difficulties. Read more

Vote the Right Way

Today is primary election day in Pennsylvania. I was talking to one gentleman who said he voted, but he didn't know if he voted for the right person. Read more

Life Isn't Complicated

Life isn't complicated, but we do make it hard.

Exploring Pathways to Freedom