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I'm Not a Diagnosis

This morning's StoryCorp broadcast involved a lady who was involved in a severe car accident that left her paralyzed and most bones in her body broken. While in the hospital a young doctor began telling her everything she may not ever be able to do again. These included things like talking, smelling, and tasting. Read more

That's the Song I Hear

Today the lyrics to an old song have been running through my mind Read more

Podcast 54 - How to Find Hidden Beliefs

Odd as it sound may sound, finding out what we believe isn't always an easy task. It isn't that the beliefs that shape our world are buried deep in our unconscious. They're not. But they do tend to hide in dusky, ill lit corners. They work their magic from the shadows while more obvious beliefs obscure their presence. In this podcast I talk about a way we can use our awareness of the obvious beliefs to sweep some of these shadow beliefs out of the corners and into the light where we can examine them and work with them. Read more

Podcast 53 - Beliefwork

Personal growth results from changing our beliefs. Before we can change your beliefs, we have to know what they are. In this podcast I discuss one meditative technique we can use to become aware of the beliefs that are guiding our behavior and emotions. Read more

Flowing With the Changewind

In The Fires of Paratime L.E. Modesitt, Jr. uses a metaphor that has been a power in my life since I first read the book. This is the image of the changewind. When the changewind blows, everything changes. You may not know what changes will be wrought as a result of the changewind, but you do know wrought they will be. Read more

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