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Sunday Reading 23 March 2008

By the Christian calendar it is Easter Sunday, the day celebrating Jesus' resurrection. The spring equinox was three days ago, the day on which the sun moves to the north of the celestial equator, and the day that marks the resurrection of life from the death of winter in the northern hemisphere. This year the two fall about as close together as they ever do. Happy Easter!

Here are some of the articles from around the web that I have found useful in my own ongoing birth/rebirth cycle this week.

Glenda Watson Hyatt in Stop Pushing Buttons

Sometimes one door needs to close before another one will open

John Izzo in The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die

Robyn McMaster in Blogging Memory on Overload?

Christine Kane in Bake Sales or Blogging: What’s your Paradigm?

mahud in Mythology, the Mysteries, and Magic Part One.

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5 Responses to Sunday Reading 23 March 2008

  • Hi, Rich.

    I'm glad you found my article useful. Much of it I just wrote of the top of my head.

    I'm curious how you fond it to be useful, though? :D

    #1951 | Comment by mahud on March 23, 2008 8:35pm
  • Hi mahud,

    There are several ways -

    1. I liked the story of Ari and Orfi.
    2. I've never heard the word eucatastrophe. I love learning new words.
    3. The post relates to death/rebirth, thus Easter/the solstice.
    4. This line:

    I have no choice but to eat from the tree of knowledge of all things, but I do have the choice to eat from the tree of life.

    Do you want more? :)

    Thanks for writing the post.

  • Do you want more? :)

    Nah. You've basically covered it :D

    Eucatastrophe> is a new one for me too.

    Thanks, Rick'

    #1953 | Comment by mahud on March 24, 2008 8:34pm
  • I hope you had a great Easter! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  • I did, sandi. I hope you did, too, and carry it through the year.

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