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Sunday Reading 11 May 2008

I woke this morning to overcast skies, the kind of gray that, while not depressing, encourages pensivity.

Our lives are an interplay between who we are and what we experience, with the vast majority of what we experience being the result of who we are. Getting, having, is a byproduct of being, the result of Your Beliefs: Your Choice.

A problem arises when we think about who we are, though. There is just so much noise around us and in our own minds, it can be difficult to separate ourselves from it. That's why we need to periodically Hit the “Pause” button.

I don't have a page on Facebook. I don't have a page on MySpace. I don't Twitter. I don't FriendFeed. I don't do any of the social networking sites except StumbleUpon for two main reasons. First, I'd rather connect one to one than in a crowd. Metaphorically speaking, these sites are usually used as fast food restaurants. I prefer the back table in the local pub. The second reason, related to the first, is described well in To Tweet or Not to Tweet. These sites interject so much noise into our lives they make it difficult to know who we are and to focus on what is important to us.

I don't fully agree with the lightworker / darkerworker dichotomy that has some degree of popularity on the net. If someone every called me a lightworker, I'd tell them to wash their mouth out with soap. If they called me a darkworker, I'd be offended. The connotations of good guy / bad guy are just too strong. Labelling, while necessary to communication, too easily brings a raft of subsidiary beliefs related to the major belief denoted by the label that aren't productive to hold.

That said, the direction of our work, as shown in Polarity Examples, is important. To know where we stand, to know what we want to accomplish, to know who we are, is important to maintaining focus and growth. To grow the characteristics of a lightworker in your persona rather than being a lightworker will do much in your life.

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4 Responses to Sunday Reading 11 May 2008

  • I hear you loud and clear about the social networking, Richard. I already wrote my own rant about it awhile back ( I love your metaphor - fast food vs. the back table at a local pub. Even the blogosphere can create it's own noise and mirror the fast-paced, on the run, sound bite form of living we see everywhere else. And so we have to pick and choose what works for each of us. And yet the sifting through takes more energy than I wish it did. That is the curse of technology!

  • Hi Rick, thanks for the shout and the food for thought today.

  • Hi Deb!

    The work involved in sifting is one of the reasons that, for the most part, I don't. I rarely even browse anymore, except when I use StumbleUpon, with the thought that if there is something I need to find, I'll find it.

  • The sentiment is mutual, Nneka. I appreciate what you do.

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