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September, 2006 : Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

It's the first day of the month and I decided its time to participate in a ritual of the blogging world I've been lax in attending - blogtipping.

Tippee #1: Jason Clegg at A Life Journey.
1 - Your articles are well-written, articulate, and explanatory.
2 - I like the image in your header and your site description. They visually and verbally explain your site well.
3 - The privacy statement is a nice touch. It't something we as bloggers tend to forget about, even though we collect a lot of statistical information from our readers. Can I use your's as a model?
Tip - The option to subscribe to a comment conversation would be great. It's a lot easier to follow the comments on an individual article you're interested in when the comments are emailed to you as they come in.

Tippee #2: Chris Cree at SuccessCREEations.
1 - Your theme is well designed. Sections are neatly separated from each other and easy to find. I especially like the liquid center column.
2 - You talk about a good mix of topics in the context of your blog's goals, bringing us information that is useful and thoughtful.
3 - Your library is a great idea. It tells us the influences on your thinking, and lets us easily find a book in which we're interested.
Tip - For some reason whenever I load a new page on your site, it comes up without using the style sheet. I have to refresh the page for it to display properly. This may be my browser, but it doesn't happen at most blogs.

Tippee #3: Gleb Reys at the Personal Development Ideas blog
1 - Your tone is friendly and personable. You let people know you care about them, and you care about what you're writing about.
2 - Your posts contain concrete information we can put to practical use.
3 - I like the Popular Posts and Latest Posts lists in your header. They're easy to find and don't clutter up your sidebar.
Tip - As I said regarding Jason's blog, the option to suscribe to the comments for a particular post is a convenient way to follow the conversation on a topic in which you're interested.

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6 Responses to September, 2006 : Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

  • Great links and tips, Rick! Thanks for joining me in blogtipping today.

  • Thanks, Easton. I just found out about blogtipping last month, and then too late to do anything, so I started this month. These are good blogs.

  • Rick, Thanks for the tip!

    Which browser are you using? On my machine it comes up fine in IE and FF. But if you let me know what you are using, I'll look into why it is behaving strangely.

  • Youre welcome, Chris.

    I'm using IE 6 with all the updates. When I first go to your blog, no matter what page, it displays properly. But if I go to another page within the blog, the style sheet doesn't get read until I hit the refresh button. I hope this helps.

    #74 | Comment by Rick on September 3, 2006 5:02pm
  • Thanks for the tip, Rick!

    I don't think I'm ready for giving tips to someone else, but I certainly value a friendly advise.

    Talk to you later. All the best!

  • Hey Gleb!

    You're welcome. The tips are meant to get the word out about good blogs, and as opinions about what can make a good blog better, so pipe up anytime.

    I'll see you later.

    #62 | Comment by Rick on September 5, 2006 2:17pm

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