Shards of Consciousness

Secret Sabateurs

Secret Sabateurs

There's a secret sabateur
Stuck inside my head.
He comes and knocks upon my door
Whenever I am led
To try to find a richer life
By what I've heard or read.

He whispers close beside my ear
Voice muted, sly and gray
Mouthing promises of pain and fear
If ever I turn away
From the images he's imbued with life
As I worked, or was at play.

Oft I've seen him in my dreams
He hides in different faces
And other times he's in my thoughts
Hiding in the traces
Of memories from days gone by
"When children knew their places."

I'll find my secret sabateur
I will be free, I will
I'll spit in his eyes
I'll scratch at his face.
Like Jacob and God
We'll wrestle and fight
'Til he tells me his name
For then -
Then he will be tamed.

2 Responses to Secret Sabateurs

  • Rick ~ this is an amazing poem. Struck me profoundly because that is one area I am working so very hard on - battling those inner voices. Taming those voices. I am keeping this one!


    #160 | Comment by Tammy on July 8, 2006 7:57am
  • Thank you, Tammy, for the kind words, and thanks for the link. I think this is a problem a lot of us have, and sometimes poetry makes it easier for us look at things than normal writing.

    Please, stop in again and read some of the articles I have on the site. I'm going to be making the poetry a regular weekend column.

    #161 | Comment by Rick on July 8, 2006 7:35pm

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