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Problogger List Post Project Update

Aack! When I made the previous post this morning I thought all entries had been listed. Then, after I get home tonight, I see I missed an entire day. Here are my picks from the last batch.

Again, there are many more worth reading. One thing I found most interesting in this is how many familiar names I saw on the comments to the posts on which I commented. Even in a digital world, people group together with like-minded people. My thanks to everyone who chose to participate in this project. I found some new sites I enjoy, and interesting people. This project showed the wide variety of subjects in which people are interested, and the array of viewpoints they take to express their knowledge and opinions.

4 Responses to Problogger List Post Project Update

  • Thanks for including mine. I'll have to check out your list of favorites when my husband isn't telling me he needs this computer for work. ;)

  • You're welcome, Sally. As I said in my comment, it made me put on weight, then take it off again as I read the post.:)

    My wife and I learned long ago separate computers really are best. A wireless network and network printer and you're good to go.

    #365 | Comment by Rick on August 19, 2006 7:00pm
  • Thanks for the link Rick.
    I'm steadily working through the list of 301 submitted entries. darren must have greater staying powers than yours truly!

  • You're welcome. For those who write fiction, having an idea from someone else as a starting point can make it easier to take off if you're blocked, at least it was for me when I was taking creative writing.

    I don't know how Darren read them over the four day period they came in unless he did nothing else. I was on vacation last week and my wife was gone so I had the time to spend several hours a day on them. Liz Strauss over at is making a story that includes links to all the articles.

    #374 | Comment by Rick on August 22, 2006 4:31am

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