Shards of Consciousness

Podcast 6 - Five Ways to Pursue Happiness

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast.

You didn't really think I would leave you with ways to make yourself miserable without also giving some ways to increase your level of happiness, did you? This week's podcast is based on a post from 2006 called Five Ways to Pursue Happiness.

We do not grow by focusing on eliminating the things in our selves and our lives that we don't want to be there. We grow by focusing on the things we do want in our lives, while starving the things we want to eliminate. These techniques actively increase our freedom and joy in life, while starving the habits of thought that make us smaller than we are. If you take nothing else from this week's and last week's podcasts, take this.

You are responsible for who you are. You can be free, or you can be a prisoner. The choice is yours.

Listen, share with your friends, and let me know how well these techniques work for you after honestly trying them. Have a great week!

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