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Podcast 5 - Five Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Shards of Consciousness podcast.

If you visit Shards regularly, you'll know that I tend toward the abstract and quietly upbeat, so today I thought I would be a little more practical and give some concrete tips on how to make yourself (and as a bonus, those around you), totally miserable. This episode is based on Five Ways to Make Yourself Miserable, originally published in August of 2006. Follow these tips, and you can keep your life in turmoil and your therapist employed for years.

Enjoy, and please, share with your friends and let me know what you think!

3 Responses to Podcast 5 - Five Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

  • I love it, Rick! Only 10,000 hours... it was a breeze!

    Now that I've decided to become an anti-misery expert, I've only got a couple more years to go. :)

  • Yep! Only 10,000 hours, Lyman. The numbers are based on current research that I referenced in Make Yourself an Expert.

    But, don't settle for being an anti-misery expert - be a Happiness Expert! coming up in next week's podcast

  • Darn! That's right - focus on what I want. I don't want to be focusing on the misery anymore, and anti-misery focuses on... misery! :)

    Thanks... I'm looking forward to the next podcast.

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