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Podcast 20 - Experiences During Meditation

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast. Today's episode is based on Experiences During Meditation, an article originally published in August of 2006.

Last week I talked about some of the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of meditation, and gave a method of meditating that, while simple on the surface, can take you a long way.

The essential technique, and purpose of meditation is not complex, but we, being humans, like to have signposts on the way whenever we journey. These signposts, while not important in themselves, let us know we're on the right path. This week I'm talking about some of the signposts you may experience while you meditate. These experiences are not important in themselves, but are like the signs on the freeway, telling you you're going in the right direction. Don't get too caught up in them, don't look for them, but take them as signals that you're normal, and headed the right way.

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