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Podcast 19 - Be Still and Know

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast. Today's episode is based on Be Still and Know, an article originally published in July of 2006.

A tool is something used to manipulate the environment. The environment being manipulated can be the physical world, other people, or our own minds and bodies. Human's like tools. The tool can be as direct as a hammer, or as subtle as rhetoric.

One of the most important tools we have ever discovered is meditation, which I define as

A psychophysical technique used to attain a state of pure consciousness.

This week's podcast talks about some of the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of meditation. I also describe a simple meditation technique using the breath that anyone who has grown beyond the age of infancy can learn and use to beneficial effect. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day give beneficial results, 10 or 15 minutes that can be the most productive of your day.

Do you have 15 minutes to save your life? I think it's that important.

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