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Podcast 18 - Shed the Facade

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast. Today's episode is based on Shedding the Facade, an article I originally wrote as part of Ben Yoskovitz's Blog About Five Things project.

A building's facade is it's front, the section you see as you pass it on the street. A person's facade is their persona, the face they present to the world. The facade is created in this life as a tool to engage the world. All too often the facade is not a true projection of who we really are - a situation that is damaging to ourselves and to those around us.

A great deal of personal growth and development lies in learning to allow our facade to be a true image of our individuality, how we see ourselves on the inside. This week's podcast talks about tools you can use to remodel your facade so it matches your individuality.

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