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Podcast Delayed Due to Wedding

As you may have noticed, I didn't get a podcast up today. Why? My daughter, my only daughter, is getting married this weekend. If you have ever been involved in a wedding, you know it can be, how do I say it, hectic. If that wedding is your only daughter's, and her mother has decided it will be done right, and to guarantee that it is, she is doing the catering and flowers in addition to all the other things the parents of the bride do, things can get beyond hectic.

They get interesting. :)

Add to that, all our sons will be here. Our youngest son returned home this week from serving his time in the Marines. We hadn't seen him in three years. Our son in the army is being picked up at the airport by his mother as I write, and our other son who just got married in April is arriving with his new wife tomorrow. For the first time in four years, all our children will be here. As our youngest son said, there is no telling when that will happen again.

So at the moment I live in interesting times. I love it.

I'll return with a new podcast next week. In the meantime, browse through the podcast archives. I'm sure you'll find something that will make the wait worthwhile.

2 Responses to Podcast Delayed Due to Wedding

  • Congratulations on finding a fine young man for your daughter. Have you any clues as to how to go about it? I've been trying to find a suitable young man for my only daughter for about 15 years. I suspect that she might be secretly married to her career.
    Anyway - hope all goes well on the day and everything is as wonderful as your wife hopes it will be. Must be great to have the whole family together again. We know what that's like.

  • Thank you, Trevor.

    Sad to say, I can't give you any hints. My daughter found her young man all on her own. All I can say is, when the time has come your daughter will find her young man or he will find her. He may not be what you would choose, but he will be what she needs.

    The wedding day has come and gone. With but a couple of glitches, all went well. As the saying goes, "fun was had by all". The bride and groom both glowed. I managed to give the bride away with but a moment's hesitation (do mother's have as much trouble letting their sons go as father's do their daughters ?), and Lady Glynis has been joyfully transforming pictures into home movies of the event since.

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