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Podcast 55 - Meditation Breathing Exercises

Not all exercises require us to hit the gym. Sometimes the most effective techniques are also the most simple. Yoga long ago developed techniques that ask you to just sit quietly and breathe in a predetermined manner to experience changes in your health, improve your emotional well-being, and heighten your mental faculties.

In this podcast I discuss two yoga breathing exercises that can be highly effective in improving your health and emotional state. These are alternate breathing and the skull shine breath. Take just a few minutes a day for a few months to practice them, and you'll see their benefits in your life.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in September, 2006 called Meditation Breathing Exercises

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2 Responses to Podcast 55 - Meditation Breathing Exercises

  • I will admit that I've actually tried breathing exercises on a few occasions. However not long enough to have really experienced anything effective (or so I think).

    What I do find a lot of joy in though is exercise (running in particular). It's always brought me just the right amount of peace.

  • Hi Ricardo,

    It does take a period of steady practice to see positive effects from breathing exercises, just as running needs to be a regular practice before you see its benefits.

    Anything can become a form of meditation. Running in particular, with its repetitive motion over an extended period and the rhythm of breathing that goes with it, can be an excellent form. Enjoy the peace it brings you.

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