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Podcast 50 - Personal Development as Gardening

There are three main models of personal growth and development

  • The engineering model
  • The artistic model
  • The gardening model

In the engineering model you use suitable techniques to create a change in yourself that you envision beforehand. In the artistic model you remove things that have accreted to your personality until the you who is already there is revealed, just as a sculptor removes material to reveal the work of art that lies within the block of stone. In the gardening model personal growth is the natural unfoldment of your self as you receive appropriate mental and emotional nourishment in a healthy social environment, just as a plant will grow best given the proper nourishment and physical environment.

In this podcast I take a closer look at the gardening model and how it applies to personal development.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in June, 2007 called How Does Your Garden Grow?.

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