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Podcast 48 - Just You and Me

We're all stars
Trying to find our way home through the dark of night

Some people shine when they're part of a crowd. Others are natural performers who only feel whole when they're on a stage. Then there are those who can only feel comfortable when they're talking one to one, touching each others as individuals.

I'm part of that last group, as are many of you who visit Shards and listen to the podcast. In this podcast I talk about how writing and podcasting allows us to create and shape relationships with people everywhere, while still only talking with one person at a time.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in June, 2007 called Why I Write.

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2 Responses to Podcast 48 - Just You and Me

  • Wow Rick, fast and powerful. Just me and you. I like that!

    Though I do consider myself a people person, I still like the one on one conversations best. Thanks for reminding me that's okay.

  • Phil! It's good to see you. I'm glad you liked it. It's more than okay. Even as a speaker, you're trying to make contact with the individuals you're speaking to, not the group as a whole, right?

    Hmm. Maybe I'll change my tag line.

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