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Podcast 44 - Pointy Sticks

Non-fiction tries to explain the ideas of the author clearly and without ambiguity. As I emphasize in many of the articles here on Shards, even non-fiction is a kind of metaphor, a model of reality that is adopted because it is effective in explaining the world around us and predicting the future that we are likely to encounter.

Still and all, it is a model. Often, fiction can be more meaning full than non-fiction. It is a purposely multi-layered metaphor. That is why poetry and stories speak so much more strongly to us than dry recital of the "facts". Note in this regard the stories of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, the gods and goddesses of all religions, whether secular or spiritual. These stories speak to our core. They touch each of us where we are at, so that our understanding of them springs from the intersection of who we are and the story we hear.

In this podcast, I make an attempt, halting and simplistic though it may be, to bring out such a multi-layered metaphor. Bring your self as you listen. You will anyway.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in April, 2007 called The Parable of the Pointy Stick, one of my personal favorites.

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