Shards of Consciousness

Podcast 37 - Subjective Reality, False Reality

The map is not the territory

Alfred Korzybski, the father of general semantics, first said it. We still haven't learned it. The map that we interact with every day is the map of the world that we carry in our own minds. In large part, this map is based on language, the words that we use to think.

In many ways, we seem to be further from realizing the map is purely symbolic than ever. An extreme current manifestation of this is the theory of subjective reality. The new solipsism that has grown to popularity through the internet over the last few years appears to say that the map is the only reality. While in a sense true, just as the Hindu concept of maya is true, in another sense it is false and in the long run can have the same negative effects on our experience of the world that pure materialism has had. The world is not so simplistic.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in January, 2007 called I Am Real, You Are Real.

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