Shards of Consciousness

Podcast 35 - Habits of Success

One of the definitions of success is

the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

There are no secrets of success. In large part success is a matter of gardening. Develop the habits of living that encourage the unfoldment of the attitudes, ways of thinking, and actions that allow you to achieve and enjoy your goals.

This episode of the Shards of Consciousness podcast is based on a post I wrote in March, 2007 called My Habits of Success.

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7 Responses to Podcast 35 - Habits of Success

  • I really liked this podcat. It has made me really look into my tactics. I will use them to my advantage. Thanks a lot and keep them coming. Good luck.

  • I'm glad you found the podcast helpful, Donald.

  • Richard:

    I love your site and always look forward to what wisdom, ideas and thoughts you might have to share. Even though I can't hear the Podcast (for those who don't know me, I'm deaf), I can imagine the importance of developing habits. Once you get into the groove, it really becomes easier to maintain but the moment you break the newly formed habits, it's a lot harder to get back into the groove. I've learned this lesson a billion times (i.e. working out and then stopping, eating properly and then not eating properly, etc. etc.)


  • Hello Stephen,

    All my podcasts are based on previously published posts that I link to in the podcast announcement. You can go there to read the gist of what the podcast contains.

    Judging from your video, you would know more than me about what it takes to achieve your goals. I agree with you about the benefit of the momentum that conducive habits give us.

    Of course, like you, this is a lesson I keep having to relearn. :)

  • Hi, Rick

    I want to create a framework to work on my tasks, and I found the idea of planning a day in advance helpful. Do you think this is better to plan one day at a time, than say, planning the week ahead?

  • Hello mahud,

    I generally lay out what I want to get done for the week, then do more specific planning each day. At work the requirements are more laid out. I work a month in advance there. I hope this helps.


  • Thanks Rick. That does help.

    I'm hoping to incorporate your planning guidelines, into my Journaling Forward, plan.

    I've tried following rigid time tables before, but they never last, and am need of something a bit more flexible.


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