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Podcast 21 - Reawakening Creativity

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Shards of Consciousness Podcast.

It's been the dream of technological man for the past hundred years to invent a robot, a machine to take care of all the routine chores of our lives. This dream is a dream of the past. We are born with a robot inside us, a part of our mind whose purpose is to handle the routine chores of living so we can focus on creative work.

However, as with the nightmares of the robot in which the machine takes over our lives completely, we have let our internal robot assume more than it needs so that, for many of us, we go through life asleep and unaware - tools in the hands of our tool.

This podcast is based on an article first published in April of 2006, Bare Attention: Reawakening Creativity. In it I talk about the robot, and two techniques to use to return it to its place and regain control of some of the creativity and life we have abdicated.

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