Shards of Consciousness

The Opportunity of Unintended Consequences (Redux)

In my last article I talked about how our every action and thought has consequences, some that we can foresee and plan for and others that happen without anyone ever having an inkling they're waiting just around the corner. The example I gave - the destruction of a wood leading to problems with fleas - wasn't the most positive in the world. Today I want to talk about meeting my wife.
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The Opportunity of Unintended Consequences

I've mentioned before that I live in a small town, small enough that until a few years ago there was a quarter acre wood behind my house. My wife and I talked about buying the lot that the wood stood on because our children liked to play there. As with many other things, we put it off and one day we looked out our back window and saw bulldozers clearing the lot. Over the next few months two four-unit apartment buildings were built, and the ground almost totally paved over for parking lots. (Sounds like a Joni Mitchell song, doesn't it?) Read more

The Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming (Part II)

In my first article in this series I defined out of body travel and how it can help you. I also promised techniques for learning to get out of your body and increase your chances of having a lucid dream.
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Site Changes

I've made a couple of changes to the site this week. First, if you'll look over at the sidebar, you can subscribe by email now. Any new articles from the previous day will go straight to your inbox, a great option if you're not always on the web and don't have, or don't want to have an RSS reader. Read more

Web Server Down (Again)

I woke up this morning and found out my web server was down again. It went down shortly after midnight EDT, and went back online a little before 11:00AM EDT. Tech support took a little over two hours to get it back on line after I notified them. This is the third time in two months this has happened. Static pages are hunky-dory, but my provider seems to have problems with either MySQL or php, one of the two. Am I expecting too much? Can anyone give me suggestions for inexpensive, reliable providers that allow multiple email addresses, ftp access, MySQL, php, and a stats package? Any suggestions appreciated.

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