Shards of Consciousness

Basil's Coming!

No, not the spice, the donkey. Yes, Basil the donkey is coming to the great state of Pennsylvania! What's that? Who's Basil? Read more

You Are Not Alone

As my children were growing up I encouraged them to join the service. The Peace Corps would have been just as good, and in many ways better, but for some reason our society doesn't voice the same degree of gratitude toward people who aid other people as it does toward those who defend them. Read more

The Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming (Part III)

In Part I of this series I defined out of body experiences and discussed how they can help you in your personal development. In Part II I detailed techniques I have used to get out of my body and to induce lucid dreaming. This last article in this series will show some of the things I have experienced in my efforts, and what may happen to you. Not all of these things happen all the time, and not all people experience the same thing.
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Requiem Read more

Blogging and Personal Development

Blogging has taken the wired world by storm. Technorati says they track over 50 million blogs (kind of reminds you of McDonald's saying x million burgers sold, doesn't it). The Pew Internet and American Life Project says that 8 percent of American internet users, 12 million people, blog. For every blog tracked, there are many more that escape notice. Most blogs are not about making money. They tell the stories of my life and yours, and the wisdom we have accumated through the years. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom